Monday, June 3, 2013

Political Commentator Glenn Beck Hates on Robert Griffin III but Appreciates Tim Tebow

Political commentator Glenn Beck is not a stranger to controversy. That sort of comes with the territory when you work in politics, whether you are a conservative like him, liberal, or whatever. Someone somewhere is going to be unhappy with what you say.

So why he would invite a little more negative attention unto himself by bashing the very popular quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III, is beyond me.

Beck had this to say about RG3 in a recent episode off his show:

At times I am not sure if he is speaking in jest about RG3 and his new home or if he is seriously bashing him for buying a house that does not have a bathroom for every bathroom. There are points where I think he complimenting RG3 for not being the stereotypical, over-indulgent football star, but then he says something derogatory right after that.

Does everyone's house have the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms? Is that what the norm is in America? If so, man I guess I've been missing out my whole life. I don't think I've ever lived in a house with the same number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Now he may be saying it because of the size of the place, but still--it's a pretty dumb comment. It seems like an unnecessary criticism of someone who there really isn't anything to criticize.

Hating for the sake of hating.

Or maybe it was there way of bringing up another 'good guy' quarterback, Tim Tebow. This clip was made before all the rumors started flying around about Tebow's future in the NFL, but I have to say that the take that these guys have on the NFL is spot on.

Why is it that the league celebrates convicts, but then does not give a proven winner a chance? Their example, Donte Stallworth, was not an intentional homicide and he did take responsibility when he could have lawyered his way out of it.

But there are several more examples of guys who did abuse the system and/or commit their crime intentionally (and not drunk--which is also not an excuse).

Why does Michael Vick keep getting so many chances when he was never more than a stellar athlete in the first place (one who just now learned how to hold onto the ball)? case you are wondering about the house without enough bathrooms in it:

For more pics of RG3's house check out the great gallery over at GameDayr!

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  1. He is not slamming RGIII; Beck just has a weird sense of humor. He says several things complimentary about him.

    1. I wasn't sure what he was trying to do myself. At times he was complimenting; other times he sounded like he was being an elitist ass and bashing him.

      If that's his sense of humor I'll agree that it's kinda weird.

  2. Glenn Beck is one of those people who gets in your face and threatens you but when you punch him he calls the police to press charges, how he is even relevant is beyond me.

  3. "Political Commentator Glenn Beck Hates on Robert Griffin III but Appreciates Tim Tebow" is a thoroughly misleading headline and slants the reader toward "hating" Beck before even listening or reading his comments. This is the kind of blather that turns me off and is probably the creation of a liberal progressive writer with a habit of putting out such Ca-Ca... have followed GB for years and since his personality is WELL KNOWN to me, it was simple to know this headline was misleading and after listening to this video, was nowhere near "hating on RGIII" as indicated in the headline... shame on you.

    1. It only slants the reader if you take it too literal like someone of the generation that would have listened to Glenn Beck for years can. "Hates on" is another way of saying "talking trash" and Beck does that. Trash talk is not necessarily mean-spirited in nature and I go on to talk about how it is unclear what exactly he means.

      To someone that has listened to GB for years it is clear, but to the vast majority of us out there it is not.

      Shame on me? No, sir--shame on you for making a wild generalization much like a fan of GB would(liberal? progresive? ca-ca?) based off this article (or any of the ones on this site since I talk sports and not social policy).

      Apples and oranges man.

  4. This RG111 home is built at Creighton Farms. Hardly a toxic waste dump as Beck makes note of. It sports a spectacular 18-hole championship golf course and is very private. Beck is still a moron and should do a little homework before he speaks about something he obviously knows nothing about.

  5. As always GB talks just to hear hismself talk and isn't saying anything worth hearing.