Saturday, June 1, 2013

Raiders Punter Chris Kluwe Skippping Dinner With the President-- for Practice?

Chris Kluwe has been a little quiet since being cut by the Minnesota Vikings and joining forces with the Oakland Raiders. However, never one to shy away from the press, we had to know it would be only a matter of time before he would be doing something to grab our attention once again.

Like decline an invitation from the President of the United States for dinner--in order to go to practice.

The White House is set to host a reception in honor of Gay Pride Month on June 13th and typically invites members of the LGBT community and those that speak out in support of issues of interest to those in the community.

Kluwe has made his support of gay marriage no secret. His outspoken support of the issue was even rumored to be a driving force behind the Vikings letting him go. So it comes as no surprise that he get an invite to the White House reception.

What does come as a surprise is him declining the invite (which you can get a better look at here).

In an email he sent to the White House he expressed his desire to attend the reception, but says he has to decline due to his obligation to the Oakland Raiders who have a mandatory mini-camp practice that day. Since he is one not to want to rock the boat he doesn't want to do anything that the CBA would not allow him to.

Call it a hunch Chris, but I think the Raiders would be okay with the punter missing a practice to have dinner at the White House. As long as you don't do anything like try to kiss the president it can only be good press for the team.

You know--if he really wanted to go I'm sure he's getting paid enough to have a jet on stand-by to take him to the dinner...I'm just saying...

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