Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rex Grossman's Days Numbered in Washington? in the NFL?

Rex Grossman has been a good quarterback during his time in the NFL. He has also been a pretty bad one too. Lucky for him he has been streaky in a good sense enough to warrant teams keeping him around. However, he will be 33 before the '13 season starts, and didn't play a lick last season.

Could his time be close to done in the NFL?

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It can't help that Grossman is on the Washington Redskins, home of Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. We all already know what RG3 can do, and we got a taste of what Cousins may be capable of towards the end of the regular season after Griffin was hurt.

So why keep Rex?

They probably will not. The only ting that may keep him on the roster will be if RG3 is not ready to go to start the season. If that's the case they will need him to be their No. 2 QB. Should he be ready to go as expected than Rex will likely be out of a job.

And he may have a hard time finding another one. The NFL is getting younger and younger with each passing season. Thanks to the way the CBA is structured it is cheaper to pay young players and hope they will perform than it is to pay veterans who may get hurt on any given play.

Plus with teams hoping they may find the next hidden gem they are more likely to have a young untested player as their emergency quarterback rather than a mediocre veteran like Grossman.

Should his days come to an end in Washington we very well may be seeing the last of Rex Grossman in the NFL.

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