Saturday, June 22, 2013

Russell Westbrook With Best Assist of the Season; Helps Fan Propose Over Twitter

The Oklahoma City Thunder may have seen their season end a little too soon when Russell Westbrook saw his season, well--end too soon. That hasn't stopped the popular point guard from being a fan's player though. he proved that when he helped a fan propose by popping the question for him over Twitter.

According to the Daily Thunder, Charlie Bright took Rachel Haycraft to a Thunder game on their first date so when it came time to pop the question he knew that e wanted to incorporate the team in some way, shape, or form.

Man, if only they had made the Finals...

So he reached out to Westbrook over Facebook, and right about the time he was going to give up and go to
plan B he got a short but very sweet message:
“I think his reply was literally like five words like ‘I’m down, what’s the plan?’ Charlie said.
And this was the end result:

Which resulted in this:

Best assist of the year for Westbrook and congratulations to the happy couple!

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