Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spurs Make it Rain on the Heat in Record Setting Blowout Win in Game 3 of the NBA Finals [UPDATE]

The rain outside contributed to the crowd, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker being late to the arena Tuesday night for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. That same rain appeared to inspire a couple of their teammates to make it rain inside the arena on the Heat.

Danny Green and Gary Neal combined for 13 three-pointers to lead the Spurs over the Heat in a record setting blowout win, 113-77.

After getting blown out in Game 2 by 19 points the Spurs certainly made a statement of their own with a 36 point win, the largest post season deficit in franchise history for the Heat. It came largely off of a record setting performance by the Spurs.

With Gary Neal and Danny Green leading the way San Antonio hit an NBA Finals record 16 three-pointers.

The game wasn't won completely from behind the arc of course. San Antonio's defense did a great job of taking LeBron James out of the game forcing him to miss 11 of his first 14 shots, and holding him to just four points in the first half.

A lot of the defensive effort on LeBron came from Kawhi Leonard who also chimed in 14 points and 12 rebounds, two of those points coming on this play:

Neither Wade or Bosh were able to pick up the slack on the scoring end for the Heat with just 16 and 12 points on the night.

As impressive as the three point barrage that the Spurs rained down on the Heat is, it is not the stat of the night. Of the last 13 NBA Finals the team that won Game 3 went on to win the Finals. The lone exception came from another Texas team, the Dallas Mavericks, who lost Game 3 of the 2011 NBA Finals and then went on to win the next three games.

Their opponent--the very same Miami Heat.

[UPDATE, 6/12 @ 9:20 AM]

Want to see all 16 record setting three-pointers? Now you can.

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