Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Texas Rangers Outfielder David Murphy Records First Career Strikeout and Boston's Matt Carp is Mad!

Normally you don't hear about teams using position players on the mound unless the team's bullpen has been hit with injuries or the game has gone into many extra innings.

Tuesday night against the Boston Red Sox the Texas Rangers put outfielder David Murphy on the mound not because of injuries or extra innings, but because they could and they were getting their butts handed to them (and lost 17-5).

It was only the fifth time that the Rangers had ever used a position player on the mound, but at that point they really had nothing to lose.
"I haven't pitched since high school. It's fun. It's fun to say that I did it."
He did pretty good too. Murphy was the only Ranger that lasted a full inning that did not give up a run (Jason Frasor only got two outs). After giving up a double he got the next two guys to fly out and then struck out Matt Carp looking!

Carp was so unhappy about the call and likely knew the kind of crap the guys would give him later that he put up enough a fuss to get ejected. Apparently going 3-4 with three runs scored, three RBIs, and a home run wasn't good enough for him.

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