Thursday, June 13, 2013

That Mark Cuban--He So Crazy!

Mark Cuban will never be called a man of few words. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks has never been hesitant to speak his mind on anything whether it is the referees, a crazy product pitch on the hit reality show Shark Tank, flopping or anything else.

However, as smart and as willing as he is to share his opinion on this, that, and the other thing he also knows when to let a picture do the talking for him--after all they do say a 100 words, right?

Mark Cuban trying Jedi mind tricks on Dwight Howard and Chris Paul: You will come to Dallas...
On Tuesday he sent this tweet to his 1.7 million followers:

Fans will remember that Cuban was just like a kid in a candy store after winning the NBA Championship a couple years ago. He loved being a champion so much he left a monster tip at a bar in South Beach where he and some of the team partied and rarely let the trophy out of his sight taking pictures with it all over the place.

Let's be real here folks--who among us would not do the same thing? Shoot--I get a good steak at the grocery store and I want to take it the movies before I eat it (steaks are special to fat guys).

The NBA Trophy--yeah, that sucker would be going everywhere with me too.

Apparently after his first season finishing out of the playoffs Cuban is bound and determined to get back to the top--something I am sure the Mavericks Nation is very appreciative of.

Just don't take a picture of what your doing in that urinal. We can do without that image.

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