Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Real Reason Rangers Pitcher Derek Holland Was Kicked Out of Concert

Recently it made the internet news cycle that Texas Rangers starting pitcher was kicked out of a Counting Crows concert in New Jersey for what he portrayed as no apparent reason. According to Holland he didn't do anything. He just wanted to stand up and take pictures.

Even the most die-hard of Rangers fan has to wonder about that one, and if you believe this eye-witness account.


According to another person in attendance at the concert Hollad was not very respectful of the people around him. In fact, if you believe what the Ashbury Press says (and what HardBallTalk reprinted) it sounds like he was kind of a jerk:
He was thrown out for ruining the show for everyone around him, said Amy Sloane, 40, of Howell, who was sitting in front of Holland.
“He was loud and he had a chip on his shoulder,” said Sloane, “He was heckling people around us and talking about the group and just being really obnoxious.”
She goes on to say that the final straw came when someone did ask him to quiet down, but instead of doing so Holland exchanged words with the person. At that point security got involved and Holland was taken out.

It is easy to say that this person is lying, but lets remember the story that Holland gave us. He pretty much made it appear as if he was kicked simply for standing up and taking some pictures. It could also be a sign that he later realized he did something wrong since the tweets he made complaining about the treatment have been deleted.

So while I don't want to believe he was acting like a jerk, his story is pretty flimsy.

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