Monday, June 17, 2013

Tim Tebow Gets the Last Laugh on the New York Jets

It's been a heck of a year for young Tim Tebow. He never really got the chance to play, got passed over for the No. 3 guy after the team finally benches Mark Sanchez, and eventually gets cut. Rex Ryan and the New York Jets organization really pulled the wool over his eyes by making him--and the rest of us--believe that he was going to be a secret weapon.

That's okay because in the end it is Tebow that is getting the last laugh.

There are three reasons why Tebow is getting the last laugh with the Jets. 

First--he's not playing for them anymore (sorry Jets Nation but your team is a train wreck). 

Second--not only did he sign with their division foe, he is on a perennial Super Bowl contender in the New England Patriots.

Those two things alone would be enough, but there is more. One more thing in fact, and it is a whopper.

The Jets are still paying for him, and will actually spend more on Tebow this season than the Patriots will over the life of the two-year contract he signed with them.

Tebow is due just $1.385 million from New England over the next two seasons. When the Jets agreed with Denver to trade for Tebow they had to take on some of the salary that Denver advanced Tebow; $2.53 million to be precise.

They covered a million of it last season and will be covering the other $1.53 million this season.

While Tebow wears a Patriots jersey. And goes to the post season. While the Jets will likely be out of post season contention by Thanksgiving (if not sooner).

Tim being Tim will never laugh or even see it as 'getting the last laugh.' 

That's okay Tim. Those of us who aren't as good a person as you will do plenty of laughing for you.


  1. Oh, goodness, you're a N.E. fan aren't ya? The 1 and done patriots has been the team everyone outside of Boston has hated since we all found out your coach and his staff cheapened the game by cheating (and don't deny it, they were fined and everything). Tim is fortunate, seeing as how Tom has maybe a year or two left, and with his paper machete leg maybe less. So good for Tim, everyone outside Boston hates the Past's, and the "writer" (and I use that term loosely) of this article should post his opinions in a blog and stop pretending to be and objective reporter.

    1. and... this comment is objective. lol

    2. Sorry it took me so long to reply; been sick. answer your questions: far from a NE fan, but anyone that understands the game knows that the Pats have been the picture of success over the last decade or so--much like the Jets have been the picture of a circus.

      Nothing else you said is worth responding to, especially your weak insult, but I will say thanks for calling me an objective reporter when this is so clearly a blog.

      FatManWriting? Didn't the name tip you off.

  2. Tim will do fine no matter what he chooses to do; clearly, GOD is in his heart!!! The world stands against God, for that reason they poke and laugh at Tim!!! God stands with those who love, honor, and fear Him!!! The rest will have a great fall when the battle is over... When it is over Tim will still be doing just fine!!! No doubt; GOD, stands with Tim.... As for sports, country, or politics; they have all failed the test of time. Few honor God... What a heavy price to pay.

  3. Tim has the chance in NE to make it happen depending on what NE actually brought him on board to do there.