Monday, June 24, 2013

Tim Tebow is Talking Chicken Here!

Against all odds the most popular back-up quarterback in the history of football got a job. There is no telling if he will remain on the roster once training camp gets underway and cuts are made, but that isn't stopping the New England Patriots from making the most of him while he is on the roster (love those merchandise sales, right Mr. Kraft?).

Whether Tebow will have a career beyond back-up in the NFL remains to be seen, but in case it does end tomorrow young Tim has put the wheels in motion for his next career.

As a fast-food restaurant owner.

Shortly after he was cut from the Jets Tebow invested in the PDQ fast-food chain. Yep, ole' Timmy is going to be hawking chicken fingers (excuse me--tenders).

Never heard of it? Unless you live in or around Florida chances are you haven't. It stands for 'People Dedicated to Quality.' Nice concept and one that seems kind of fitting for a person of Tebow's character.

But a fast-food chain that talks about quality? Isn't that kind of an oxymoron? Than again quality doesn't mean it has to be good for you. Had a great caramel frappe the other day. The quality of chicken tenders at some places is horrible--but not at PDQ.


Apparently Tebow invested in one of the restaurants in Jacksonville where everyone loves him (any guesses on how much Tebow merchandise will be on the walls?). The company does not have an estimated date of when it will open yet listed on its website, but they only just filed the plans in May.

There is talk that Tebow could be getting involved with further expansion plans as well.

That's a pretty smart business move on Tebow's part. For one, the nation is overweight and always in a hurry. Fast-food serves as the kitchen and/or dining room for thousands if not millions of families everyday. If he was going to do something like this there is no better place than Jacksonville. No matter what he does in the NFL the folks back in Gator Country will always love him.

And will love to eat at his restaurant.

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