Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time for the Houston Texans to Get the Band Back Together

Okay so it’s a lot longer than 106 miles to East Rutherford, it will take a lot more than a full tank of gas, hopefully no one smokes (because that stuff is bad for you), and if it is dark hopefully the driver isn’t wearing sunglasses.

 But is time to get the band back together.

The Blues Brothers made the concept famous when they were on their ‘mission from God.’ The journey to the Super Bowl is not exactly a mission from the man upstairs, but there are many that would consider it the Holy Grail.

Should the Houston Texans want to improve their chances of getting the opportunity to play for the Holy Grail (in spite of any killer rabbits) they may want to do just that and bring back two players—fullback Vonta Leach and offensive tackle Eric Winston.

Why those guys and only those guys?...

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