Monday, June 24, 2013

Tom Brady is Really Missing Wes Welker Right About Now

Tom Brady has every reason to be a happy guy. He's got a beautiful wife, awesome kids, more money than his kids will know what to do with. The man doesn't have a reason in the world to be angry--but I bet he is. Why? Because he can see that this coming season could very well be the most challenging one of his career now that his buddy Wes Welker is gone.

And at his age does he really feel like the challenge anymore?

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For years the Patriots have been one of the most dangerous offenses in the league and that success falls largely on the shoulders of Tom Brady. The parade of talents and non-talents that has gone through Foxboro--and made to look like Pro Bowlers thanks to Brady--is crazy.

However, throughout the years there has been one consistent weapon that he could rely on, the little slot receiver that could named Wes Welker. In six seasons playing with Brady, Welker failed to catch fewer than 111 passes just once. He probably would have if it wasn't for a season ending injury.

And now Welker is in Denver--allowed ot leave by the team for greener pastures--and Brady is left with the possibility of one weapon starting the season on the PUP list (Gronkowski) and the other in jail (Hernandez).

If that wasn't enough to get him a little bit angry he doesn't have a too much to look forward to with a group of cast offs to throw to in Julian Edelman,Daniel Fells, Michael Hoomanawanui, Matthew Slater, Jake Ballard, Michael Jenkins, Donald Jones, Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, and Lavelle Hawkins.

Now Danny Ammedola is pretty good, but its doubtful he'll be able to fill the shoes that Welker left. Dobson had a solid career at Marshall, but that doesn't mean the rookie is ready to start (which he is penciled in to do). 

As for the cast offs, there is some talent there, but there is a reason why they were all available for the Patriots to pick up off the scrap heap. 

There are rumors that the team could be interested in bringing in former Colts tight end Dallas Clark, but the Iowa standout is 34 and has had his share of injury issues as well.

Looking ahead this season has to be full of more uncertainty than any other season for Brady. Yes, the Gronk could end up being fine and Hernandez could get lucky and stay out of jail. Ammnedola could eb the next coming of Welker and Dobson could be a steal as a second rounder.

But all that is unknown, and now that Brady does not have his most reliable weapon anymore (Welker) it has to make him just a little bit angry.

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