Monday, June 3, 2013

Victor Cruz to Star in his Own Reality Show? [UPDATE]

When he joined up with Jay-Z at Roc Nation you had to know that other things--things like his own reality television show--were not going to be too far down the pipeline. Reality show junkies may soon get another show to add to the DVR schedule--the Victor Cruz Hour!

Or Keeping Up with Victor or the Real Housewives of Victor or So You Think You Can Dance...I could go on all day like this...Salsa of Love Bus with Victor Cruz...

So far during his short career that really began with a meteoric rise two years ago, Cruz has been a likable, charismatic player thus making him a solid choice to star in a reality show. People like him so people will probably tune in at least one. Then if the show is solid they come back--just like any other reality show.

In a recent interview in the New York Daily News he alludes to the possibility that it could happen pretty soon for him:
“We are still fielding some requests, so we will see how it goes — the timing has to be right, and I have got to squeeze in some training in there before the season starts,” he said.
If they start filming soon the producers may get what they want/need to sell any reality show no matter how likable the lead is--controversy. Cruz has been a surprise. He was not expected to be as good as he is much like any other player that goes undrafted.

So his current contract is not indicative of a guy that has been putting up the stats that he has, and now that he's a restricted free agent he wants to get paid--but the Giants do not want to pay him what he wants.

And some fans have let him know they are unhappy with him--like when he tweeted pictures of his vacation in St. Croix during OTAs (that he wasn't at).

Yeah so the story is there for the taking if anyone wants it. If they need any ideas for show names we've got a few here: Laguna Beach: the Real Victor Cruz, the Giant Whisperer, Cruisin' with Victor, Victor Cruz Makes the Deadliest Catch, So You Think You Can Salsa, Victor Cruz and Kate Plus 8, Toddlers & Tiaras &Victor Cruz, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Victor Cruz...

I could do this all day...the Real Victor: New York, Who Wants to Marry Victor Cruz?, A Shot at Love With Victor Cruz...


Well, so much for that.

Should have known better than to trust something I saw on the internet. Man, and I thought if it was on the web it was supposed to be true!

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