Thursday, June 6, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Hire Interesting New Mentor for Christian Ponder--Jeff George

The Minnesota Vikings are primed to become the next dominant team until free agency tears them apart. They have arguably the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson and a talented young receiving duo in Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson. However, in order to ascend to the elite in the NFL hierarchy they need one thing--for quarterback Christian Ponder to step his game up.

And they have just the guy to help him get there--Jeff George.

You know, because guys that argue with their coaches constantly and throw tantrums are great role models.

Vikings head coach has the right logic with why he wanted to bring George in; you just have to wonder about his selection of George.
"We told our players just to be able to pick his brain, our quarterbacks, and talk with him about some of the things he saw as a young quarterback and what he saw as a veteran and just his maturation over the course of his career," Frazier told's Tom Pelissero. "He was a very good player for a long time, high draft pick, and I think he can really help our players with some of his background and his knowledge as well."
A very good player for a long time? Really? Someone who played on six teams during his career (eight if you count being on the roster in Chicago in '04 and a short time with the Raiders in '06?


He wasn't exactly successful wherever he went either with just two trips to the post season, only one with him as the QB from the start of the season till the end, and just one win. His career numbers are not too impressive-- 154 TDs, 113 INTs, 27,602 yards, and a career rating of 80.4.

They don't suck, but there are not the thing of legend either. They certainly don't say 'kids can learn something from me.'

Now to be fair, there are plenty of guys that are better teachers than they ever were players. Maybe that will be the case for George. Perhaps since he isn't actually playing he'll be able to control the tongue and head that got him into hot water with just about every team he ever played for.

The man certainly could throw the deep ball though, and Ponder could use a little help there.

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