Sunday, June 16, 2013

Washington Redskins Fans Should Be Glad Robert Griffin III Isn't a Party Animal

Social media gives fans 24/7 access to some athletes; guys who like to let people know what they are doing every second of the day. A lot of fans eat up that kind of access to their stars and want to see them out and about having a good time in their respective cities and partying. 

It's fun. It's what we do, and since professional athletes are able to do it on a different level and scale than us we love to see them 'make it rain'--something that Washington Redskins fans are not likely to see Robert Griffin III doing anytime soon.


Of course it helps that he is preparing to get married and settle down. Most of the party animals are singles guys with no ties or responsibilities other than showing up for team functions, practices, and games. However it is not like married guys have to stay home (or do in the NFL)...

But when it comes to RG3 fans should not expect to be able to 'bump' into him at the club anytime soon.
“I’ve been out in the city I think three times since I’ve been here, as far as the nightlife goes,” Griffin III told Sunni, WPGC’s midday host.
However, before you write him off as the stiff, boring type part of the reason is because he is being responsible and gettig himself ready for the coming season.
“I try to do as much as I can within the city,” Griffin continued. “But also this offseason has been crazy with the knee injury, so I’ve got to stay focused on that.”
Does this mean he would be out partying if he was healthy? Probably not. he was never known for it at Baylor and there is no reason to think he is going to change now.

So don't expect to hear about hi getting in some fight at a strip, driving drunk, or assaulting a hostess at some casino.  

No, this guy is focused on playing football instead.

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