Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yankees Fan Injured at Baltimore Orioles Game Now in Critical Condition

This is the kind of story that never should have happened, but is starting to become all too common--stupid, senseless, and now possibly fatal violence in the stands at a ball game.

Back on May 29 a man by the name of Matt Fortese was at the Orioles/Nationals game at Camden Yards wearing a Yankees cap. No big deal, right? They aren't playing and their merchandise is pretty popular. As it turns out a pair of Orioles fans decided to take offense with someone wearing a Yankees cap at their park.

So they harassed throughout the game until he finally stood up to confront them.

Matt had to climb a small wall to confront the duo who then punched him when he got up to them. He fell back off the wall hitting his head on the concrete.

Yeah, its safe to say that one hurt--a lot.

Suffering a fractured skull in the process, Matt has been in the hospital since the incident happened and listed in serious condition.

The two Orioles fans were arrested at the game as you can see in the video (good), but the exact charges could become a lot more serious then just assault now. Word is that Matt's condition is now considered critical.

Should he die I imagine these two--or at least the one that threw the punch--will be hit with manslaughter charges at a minimum.

And all because  the man was wearing a Yankees cap.

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