Friday, July 5, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Not Doing So Hot in the Minors But Enjoying the Ride

After a much-publicized spat with his general manager over when he was going to return to action, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez returned to did just that last week when he reported to the Yankees minor affiliate in Charleston.

And so far--not so good.

Keith Allison/Flickr

Rodriguez has not played much yet. After such long layoff the team wants to ease him back onto the field, and by the looks of things he is going to need all the time he can get. In limited action during two games (the team doesn't want to push him too hard after 9-months off thanks to hip surgery) he is 0-4 for with two strikeouts.

After a horrible October it is not exactly what fans were hoping for--especially since its at the Single-A level--even after such a long break. A-rod is being very optimistic about it though.
"I don't mind if I save all my hits for New York."
It was encouraging to see him help turn a double play in his second game, but its clear he still has a long way go. He plans on using all 20 rehab games so that he can hopefully be back to his best when he does return to the club.

In the meantime he is getting the chance to give something back to the game. Fans in minor league towns don't get to see stars of his caliber too often. For his two games with Charleston the attendance was right around 8000 each night (that's pretty good for the minor leagues).

He's even spent some time with the younger players answering questions. Rumor has it he even picked up the dinner tab once (heck, he can afford it, right?)
"It's great for the kids, they really had a blast," Al Pedrique, the Charleston manager, said.
Next up for A-Rod will be some time with the Yankees minor league affiliate in Tampa on Friday.


  1. Dunno ' bout A-rod, but I do know those guys on the Big Club sure have a lot of fight!.. It is obvious that wearing the Pinstripes brings more than just a pay check...

    It's a place where everyone can make the best of opportunities and the uniform/the mystique, gets right into the soul. Congratulations to Girardi and those bad ass tough guys in pinstripes. We are Proud of and for you.

    1. I'm a life long Astros fan, but when I went to college in New York I have to admit it was hard not getting caught up in the mystique that is the NY Yankees. The history with the club is mind boggling! If I was a baseball player that would be the one team that I would take whatever they wanted to pay me to play for them.