Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boston Red Sox Sign Florida Starting QB Jeff Driskel

When it comes to the NFL draft I can't remember the last time there was a surprise--if ever--quite like the one that Florida Gators quarterback Jeff Driskle got during the MLB draft. Even though he had not played baseball since high school, and was clearly a little busy being the starting quarterback of the Gators the Boston Red Sox went ahead and drafted him in the 29th round.

And he has signed a contract with them.

Wait--what? Does that mean that Florida has to find a new starting quarterback this year?

Absolutely not!

After he was drafted Driskel tweeted to a former Gator baseball player currently with the Red Sox that he had no intention of signing with the Red Sox, but after thinking about it he must have figured out that he has nothing to lose in doing so.

If he wants to continue playing football--and he does--than he can. Should there come a time when he has to decide between the two and he goes with baseball than the Red Sox will have the rights to signing him. So all he gives up in this case is his college baseball eligibility.

But if football doesn't pan out into a career for him he can fall back on baseball. Now he will have to work his way up through the minor league system which could take some time since he has not played in so long already.

Not a bad fall back plan at all.

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