Friday, July 19, 2013

Brandon Barnes Gives Houston Astros Fans Something to Cheer About; Hits for the Cycle

It has not been a fantastic season for Houston Astros center fielder Brandon Barnes. Heck, it hasn't been a great season for the Houston Astros, but it always darkest before the dawn, right? Even though the Astros lost to the Seattle Mariners 10-7 Friday night they still got a peek at greatness thanks to Barnes.

Why? Because the man became the first Houston player to hit for the cycle in almost a decade!

Barnes got the tough stuff out of the way with a home run in the second and a triple in the fourth. He managed to get the easiest hit out of the way when he got a single in the sixth.

Were it not for he chance to hit for the cycle his hit in the eighth would have just been a single. The ball didn't go deep into the outfield and the Mariners were not out of position to make a play on the ball either, but with the chance for greatness within his reach Barnes was not going to be denied.

Barnes will need to build off of the night if he is going to stay in the lineup. Prior to the game he was hitting only .232 with four home runs and 19 RBIs. After finishing the game 5-5 his batting average jumped to .250.

He is only the second player to hit for the cycle this season, the other being Mike Trout, and just the eighth Astros player in franchise history to do so.

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