Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breaking His Arm Last Christmas a Blessing in Disguise for Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Francisco Liriano

This may seem strange to say, but breaking his arm last Christmas while he was playing with his kids might have been one of the best things that could happen to Pittsburgh Pirates Francisco Liriano.

When Liriano came into the league back in 2005 he was touted as being the next great thing to hit baseball. While he did look great at times, injuries and inconsistent play kept him from reaching his potential. Eventually Minnesota gave up on him. The White Sox didn't bother to keep him around for long either.

This year he landed with the Pirates, one of the worst franchises in baseball (until this season); a place where guys that no one else wants go in hopes of getting one more season in the Show.

He signed his contract with the Pirates on December 21 last year. Just a few days later it almost came crashing down when he broke his non-throwing arm while playing with his kids.

Pittsburgh could have ditched him, but for some reason they decided not to. They stuck with him--and it paid off! Fast forward to the present and he is 8-3 with a 2.20 ERA and playing for the hottest team in baseball.

Not only is he pitching well--like he did Saturday when he pitched a complete game against the Chicago Cubs (a 6-2 win)--but he has become Houdini with a glove!

So as strange as it may seem breaking his arm appears to be his turning point!

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