Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brian Urlacher Angry With the Chicago Bears?

It sucks to see it happen. Guys retire from a team that they have been synonymous with for years--that they basically made their name with--and within months are bashing their former team. Tiki Barber wasted no time doing it when he retired from the Giants, and got roasted for it by the media and fans.

So after hearing some comments from newly retired Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher do we now have to fear that he has fallen into the trap? Bash my team in order to stay in the public eye?

Mike Morbeck/Flickr

Absolutely not! The man has too much class for that (yeah, that's a shot at you Tiki). However, that doesn't mean it might not bug him just a little bit if the Bears were to win the Super Bowl now that he has retired.
"A lot of my friends are still on the team. A lot of good friends -- guys I played with for 10, 11 years-- so I'm still rooting for them," said Urlacher according to CSNChicago. "They better not win the championship without me, cause then I'll be really pissed."
No, it doesn't sound like there is any malice there at all. Just a guy that loves his game, his team, and wishes he had been able to win the big one.

Totally understandable.

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