Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chad Johnson Trying Out With the Denver Broncos?

Chad Johnson has had a heck of a summer. Yeah, he's had lots of fun, but than he got put in jail for awhile after slapping his lawyer on the behind in court and didn't get released for about a week! To top it all off it seems that his best buddy is a homeless guy named Porkchop AND he still doesn't have a job.

Or does he...

Keith Allison/Flickr
If you believe everything you read on the internet--and you can since if its on the internet it must be true--the man formerly known as Ochocinco is going to have a private workout with the Denver Broncos later this week.

According to a blogger with OpinioNation if the workout goes well the Broncos are considering giving him a non-guaranteed contract and an invite into camp. So even if the workout doe go well he still has a lot of work ahead of him if he is going to make the team.

After he posted a video of him running on a treadmill at 24 MPH at an incline he appears to be in shape, but the question is whether he will put in the work necessary to make the squad. The top three receivers are pretty much set--Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas. Joel Dreesen can even be factored in as one of the top four weapons.

So if he is going to make it is going to be in a reserve capacity.

That is if he actually has a tryout (since we know better than to believe everything we see on the internet).


  1. He WONT Make the team only because they have to many good WR's. The 4th & 5th String guys HAVE TO PLAY ST and Chad is to old be a Kick Returner & Punt Returner...

    I think he can still play in the NFL. He won't make a team like the Broncos they simply have better WR's ahead of him. The Panthers or a hungry team that needs a proven WR might take a flyer on him...

    1. Yeah, I can't see him making it with Denver as anything more than a practice team player. They just don't need them. Now Carolina, that would be intriguing...