Saturday, July 13, 2013

Controversial Safety Kerry Rhodes Claims Four Teams Are Interested

It has not been the kind of off-season that Kerry Rhodes had been hoping for. Rather than just be concerned about getting himself ready for the coming season, he has had to deflect constant rumors that he is gay thanks to his former assistant/boyfriend Russell "Hollywood" Simpson. 

As enlightened as many in the NFL claim to be, the fact remains that many guys are not comfortable playing with a gay player. However, according to him there are at least four teams that are in fact interested in him.
 "It's in the works," Rhodes recently told at a charity event in Birmingham, Ala. "I can't talk about it in depth, but there's a good four teams that I'm looking at. There are ongoing discussions. I'm trying to see which one will be the best fit for me. You will see me, though."
The question now is whether he is telling the truth. It is not an uncommon ploy for players and teams to make use of the media in order to encourage actual interest. By making it appear as if there is interest out there the hope is that any teams with real interest will be moved to act rather than lose the player.

Thanks to his former assistant/boyfriend getting back into the game could be a little tougher for Rhodes. Whether he is or is not gay, teams will not be fond of the added media scrutiny that has been hounded Rhodes all off-season. 

Than again the issue could very well be more his age than his sexuality. At 30 he is no longer a spring chicken and is in fact on the downside of his career. Teams this off-season have stayed away from veterans choosing instead to go with younger more malleable players that cost less.

Over the last two years he has only played in 22 of 32 games while he did not miss a game his first six years. It could very well be that Father Time has caught up with him.

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