Monday, July 15, 2013

Court Takes it Easy on Johnny Manziel; Most Charges From Arrest Last Year Dismissed

The first time the world heard of Johnny Manziel wasn't when he nearly led the Aggies to an upset win over Florida on Opening Day last season. No, it was when he was being just another college kid and got arrested after getting in a fight while out on the town.

A record setting season and a Heisman trophy later the charges that stemmed from that night have finally been taken care of.

In case you've forgotten, young Johnny was arrested last year for getting in a fight and then for failing to identify himself by giving the cops a fake ID.

When all was said and down Manziel plead guilty to failing to identify himself to police (Class B misdemeanor). He will have to pay the max fine of $2000, court costs of $232, and two days in jail (which he was given credit for the time he spent in jail back when the incident happened.

The disorderly conduct and possessing a fake driver's license charges were dismissed.

Manziel was suspended after the incident and nearly transferred schools rather lose a season of playing time, but a plea from Head Coach Kevin Sumlin saved the day--and the season!

I never knew the details of that night, but now that I've read them (courtesy of The Eagle) I have to admit to respecting the kid a little bit more:
Police said the 47-year-old man said Manziel and his 20-year-old friend, who is white, were walking toward him when the friend pointed at him and used a racial slur. The 47-year-old became upset and confronted the 20-year-old, which is when the older man and Manziel began fighting, according to police reports.
A witness told police he heard the 20-year-old use the slur, and when the 47-year-old confronted him, Manziel stepped between the two and said his friend "had not meant to say the word and that he was taking him home," according to police reports. The witness said the 47-year-old pushed against Manziel, who shoved him back, and then the fight began.
It sounds to me that Manziel was trying to do the right thing, but was attacked so he defended himself; kinda hard to fault someone for that.

I'm not condoning him having a fake ID of course, but heck--I was in college once. I remember how it is.

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