Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Colts Safety Joe Lefeged: Case against me is drummed up

The drama surrounding Indianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged and his arrest took a big step forward Tuesday morning when he got his day in court after being in jail for the last three days.

Things could not have gone better for Lefeged without the charges being outright dismissed. Prosecutors tried to justify holding him in jail since the case was related to drugs and firearms, but the judge did not agree and released him under his own recognizance.

Lefeged spoke briefly with the media apologizing to the Colts and the fans and claimed that the whole sordid affair was "drummed up."

"I would like to just apologize to the Colts community apologize to my family for this even being brought up. I am not going to talk about the case right now until I talk to the Colts organization and have my lawyer with me."...

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