Monday, July 1, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Details on the Arrest of Indianapolis Colts Safety Joe Lefeged

Over the weekend Indianapolis Colts Safety Joe Lefeged joined a special fraternity within the NFL that no one wants to be a part of--he was arrested on gun-related charges. In the court of public opinion is there anything worse than gun charges (besides killing someone and dog fighting of course).

There were not a whole lot of details available over the weekend, but there are now and it doesn't look good for Joe.

From what the Indianapolis Star printed it sounds as if Joe and at least two associates were caught speeding by police and pulled over. A plain clothes officer asked the driver (not sure who it was) if he realized why he was being pulled over.

At that time they could smell marijuana in the car. From the article it sounds like the cop must have said why, but the driver asked him again what he was being pulled over for. The officer explained why again. Moments later the driver pulled away nearly hitting the officers in the process....

...for the full story follow the link to the CrazyColtsFan!

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