Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Indianapolis Colts Make Fan-Friendly Gesture

The NFL is run by some pretty smart guys. Here they have a product--a game--that they manage to make over $9 billion a season on. Can't be dumb and do that, right?

To most of us that would be enough, but for the rich it isn't. They didn't get rich by just sitting back after all. No, they were aggressive, sometimes conniving, wheeling and dealing rapscallions that did what it took to get ahead and a buck.

We all want to do it or wish we could so it's hard to fault them for that right? Yes and no.

No in that it is the American way, and yes because its us that the NFL gouges every time it comes up with some sort of money-making master plan--which of course it did when it devised a new stadium security plan that pretty much banned fans from being able to carry anything other than a glorified zip-loc baggie when they go to games.

In light of the Boston Marathon attacks I completely understand the move. In fact, I support it. For years authors and Hollywood have been using professional sporting events as targets for terrorists and mass murderers. It's only a matter of time before some whack job actually tries it.

If they already haven't, but security/police did there job and than didn't publicize in fear that fans would quite coming to games if they thought they might get blown up....

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