Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Indianapolis Colts Tight Ends Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen the New Dynamic Duo in the NFL?

For the last couple seasons the New England Patriots showed the NFL how deadly having two top-notch tight ends can be, the dynamic, record-setting duo of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. However, with Hernandez in jail and Gronkowski on the mend the 'dynamic duo' mantle has been vacated.

This season don't be surprised if Indianapolis Colts tight ends Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen pick that mantle up!

New England's success with two-tight ends has encouraged several teams to do likewise, Indianapolis among them. Prior to last season they let longtime tight end Dallas Clark go, but took two in the draft--Coby Fleener in the second round and Dwayne Allen in the third.

Much was expected of Fleener last season, but due to injuries he only had 26 catches for 281 yards. Allen stepped up to the plate in his absence hauling in 45 balls for 521 yards.

Not bad, hardly the makings of a anything special though, right?

If you just look at last season, yes, that would be right. Consider what these guys can do this season and you have to admit they have a solid chance at becoming the next dynamic duo....

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  1. With Andrew Luck having a killer arm, anything is possible for the mighty Colts

    1. I'm just hoping that with a better line and a running game to take some pressure off of him his completion percentage will improve. It didn't suck, but it could stand some improvement.