Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Indianapolis Colts Looking to Add Another Wide Receiver With Tons of Upside

Upside--kind of a curious word, right? When I think of the word in general context I think of how my older brother used to tell me to be quiet during Saturday afternoon kung-fu movies growing up or he'd hit me 'upside' my head during the commercials (and he did; if only we had a DVR back then).

In this case upside is not referring to physical contact of any sort, but the potential that a player is speculated to have if he makes it on to an NFL roster. It looks like the Indianapolis Colts are looking into adding another wide receiver with the potential for tons of upside--former Buffalo Bills/New England Patriots WR Donald Jones.

Jeffrey Beall/Flickr
With their offense in turmoil this season I am a little surprised that the Patriots let him go, but it appears that they are comfortable giving a bunch of unknowns a chance rather than lining up with guys they know can play.

But hey--their loss can/will be our gain!

During his first three seasons in the NFL, Jones has caught 82 balls for 887 yards and 6 touchdowns--not exactly mind-blowing work by the six foot, 214 pound wide receiver. In college he was a pretty solid player when he finally got his chance to shine in 2009 (77 receptions, 790 yards, 6 TDs), but went undrafted likely because he didn't have a bigger body of work for teams to judge and came from a lower level program.

While just getting signed to a team has to be one of the best feelings in the world for a college player, his heart had to sink a little when Buffalo ended up being his destination. The Bills have struggled mightily in recent years, and its been a longtime since they had a solid player at QB (with the exception of Ryan Fitzpatrick's one good year)....

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