Monday, July 29, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Is the Peyton Manning Era a Disappointment? Or Was it the Bill Polian Era That Was?

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has never been one to hold back with what is on his mind. Yes, it may be hard to understand what he's saying sometimes--especially if he is using Irsay-Speak on Twitter--but he does not hold back nonetheless.

So when he recently stated in the AP that he was disappointed that the Colts only won one Super Bowl in the Peyton Manning Era folks should not be surprised.

"I think that the disappointment of not winning more than one [Super Bowl] with some of the things we did -- out of 11 [playoff] chances, seven times out after the first playoff game -- that's really disappointing and we had some great teams," Irsay said, via the Associated Press.

I'm sure when some other owners read or heard about his comments they were thinking how nice it would be to just get to the playoffs let alone win just one Super Bowl. Heck we still have a few teams that have never been to the Super Bowl. So is this guy being selfish? Snobbish? A rich, picky, never-satisfied SOB?

Absolutely not; he's just coming to grips with the reality of what his team used to be.

Good. Not great. Just good.... read the full post follow the link to the CrazyColtsFan!

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