Thursday, July 4, 2013

Denver Broncos Want to Be Sure You Can See the Action No Matter Where You Are in the Stadium

Teams across the NFL are trying to do anything and everything they can to enhance the experience for fans that attend games. Jacksonville recently made news when it announced that it was considering broadcasting the NFL RedZone on its stadium video displays during the game.

Fans in Denver expect to be too busy watching the action on the field to want to see what other teams are doing (except for die-hard fantasy nuts). As great as the action is expected to be it sure would suck to miss any of the action, but thanks to the new jumbo-tron unveiled on the Fourth of July at a Major League Lacrosse game.

Standing 40 feet tall and 220 feet wide there will be few spots throughout the stadium that people will not be able to see the action from. To add to the viewing potential for fans there will also be two new video monitors at the north end zone, and over 1000 flat screens spread throughout the stadium.

So the only way you can really miss the action is to close your eyes, but with a Peyton Manning led-office providing the show that is unlikely to happen!

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