Thursday, July 4, 2013

Diamondbacks Catcher Miguel Montero Gives His Bat Some Love and Gets None in Return

When it comes to picking the right piece of equipment player have their own methods--some stranger than others--to help them pick the right stuff. Sometimes its something simple like getting the feel for the weight of a bat and taking a few swings, and sometimes its something a lot more intimate.

Like a little tongue action.

Sports Crazy/Flickr

That's what Miguel Montero gave his bat when the New York Mets were in town last weekend. In the seventh inning he was caught on camera licking his bat. Apparently something did not taste quite right and he asked for another. After a good licking he seemed to like what he had.

It didn't help him much though. Montero ended up grounding out to second and finished the game hit-less in five at-bats.

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