Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dirk Nowitzki Has the Best Dwight Howard Joke of Them All

The Los Angeles Lakers were not the only team that was really hoping to win over Dwight Howard. Mark Cuban was really hoping to win the big man over and convince him to rejuvenate his franchise, the Dallas Mavericks.

Like the Lakers, the Mavericks failed to make a good enough pitch to Howard. Like the Lakers fan base, one Maverick--Dirk Nowitzki--has a Dwight Howard joke too.

For days we have been hearing all kinds of craziness coming from the Lakers Nation, but we haven't really heard from anyone else that lost in the D12 Race.

Until now.

Tuesday afternoon Nowitzki posted his very own Dwight Howard joke to Twitter:

Call me old fashioned, but sometimes the clean ones are the best ones. Well done Dirk!

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