Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dwight Howard Already Winning the Fans Over in Houston

Dwight Howard is not an official member of the Houston Rockets yet. That can't happen till July 10, but the man was in town on Tuesday for a physical. In an effort to get off on the right foot with fans in his new hometown he stopped by a local eating establishment, and treated people that happened to be there to what they want most.

Free food.

Dwight Howard posing with fans outside of The Breakfast Klub
According to the owner of the The Breakfast Klub Howard covered the tab for everyone eating when he stopped in to grab a bite to eat. Apparently Howard has been a customer of the establishment for years and had his favorite dish, fish and grits.

Of course since we can't trust what we see on the internet we need confirmation of these kinds of things:

Since he has a lot of free food coming from the Kolache Factory and those other places that pledge food for life if he signed--not to mention he's made a bundle playing basketball already--I guess he can afford to spring for a meal or two here and there.

After all--the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

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