Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Elvis Andrus Does it to Adrian Beltre Again

An ongoing story this season for the Texas Rangers has been the bro-mance going on between veteran third baseman Adrian Beltre and young up-and-coming short stop Elvis Andrus. Monday night it took another turn.

At various times throughout the season the two have taken to messing with each other. From time to time Andrus has abused Beltre's pet peeve--people rubbing his head, much to the delight of himself and anyone watching. The two have also taken to getting in each others way during routine pop-ups.

Beltre got the last jab in when he messed with Andrus during a June 22 game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Monday night against the Orioles Andrus got him back.

If looks could kill than the Rangers would need a new shortstop. If I didn't know better I would think that Beltre really can't stand Andrus, but then towards the end of the clip you see a smile take over that stony facade making it clear that all is well.

As a fan I'm a little bit torn here. When there is nothing on the line I cold care less what they do since if they mess up it isn't going to hurt anything. In this case it was just the third inning, there were two on, and there were no outs.

Here the in-field fly rule would have been in effect so the damage would have been minimal, but that just means the Orioles would have had the bases loaded with no outs and the Rangers holding on to a 1-0 lead.

But than again, the guys are 52-37, a 1/2 game out of first in the AL West and in command for a wild card spot. Clearly whatever they are doing works.

So if that means Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus need to mess with each other from time to time than by all means--mess away!

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