Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elvis Andrus Takes Out Adrian Beltre With a Slide

All season long we have seen videos and gifs of Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre and shortstop Elvis Andrus enjoying the game like a couple of guys should. However, as often as they two have messed with each other you had to know that there would be a time when they would end up colliding.

Well that time has come.

Keith Allison/Flickr
To be fair, the two were not goofing off. They were both trying to chase down a ball too shallow for the outfielder to get to. I'm going to guess that neither player called for the ball or if they did the other simply didn't here him.

Andrus tried to get down and Beltre tried to jump over him, but he didn't quite make it. Luckily nothing bad--other than a loss--happened.

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