Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Everybody Loves Vonta Leach--Or Do They?

The true fullback is a dying breed in the NFL. It's something that is a little surprising when you consider the benefit they have to the running game as a lead blocker not to mention as a blocking back or short yardage threat in the passing game. But that is the way of the game these days.

That does not mean that there are not still quality fullbacks out there. Some teams still see the value of sending a lead blocker into a hole before the running back to clear out the refuse. For those teams a guy like free agent fullback Vonta Leach is a treat.

So than how come he hasn't been snatched up yet?

Jeffrey Beal/Flickr

If you listen to the rumor mill the Miami Dolphins have shown the most interest, and supposedly Leach is interested in them as well. Yet the Dolphins have yet to put a formal contract on the table.

Now does that sound like something a team that is seriously interested in a player is going to do with training camp right around the corner? No, I think not.

As soon as he was cut from the Baltimore Ravens in a salary cap move Leach expressed an interest in returning to Houston and playing with the Texans. Houston running back Arian Foster had his best year as a pro with Leach leading the way so his value goes without saying. However, for him to sign with Houston he would have to be willing to accept a low offer since the Texans don't have a ton of cap space.

It's also been said that the Ravens have a standing offer to Leach as well, but that he wants to see if someone will give him a better deal. All that has been said about a deal with Miami is that the "money has to be right."

There are other suitors as well. The New York Giants are interested, and with young David Wilson in the backfield it would help to have a veteran like Leach leading the way. Kansas City is rumored to be interested as well, but they have not emerged as a serious possibility at this time.

What Leach may find himself faced with if he doesn't go with someone soon is having no choice but to take league minimum. Teams are not going to wait on him to make a decision. They are going to go with who will sign and move forward rather than wait for what might not happen.

And as the number of suitors fall away so will the numbers in his contract.

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