Sunday, July 21, 2013

Florida Linebacker Wins Distinction for Dumbest Arrest Ever

These days it has almost become commonplace to see stories about college football players doing bad things. Whether its criminal behavior of the misdemeanor and sometimes felony nature to possibly partying way too much and missing a meeting, the World Wide Web is inundated with guys that have seem to have a hard time controlling themselves and acting in an appropriate manner.

Of all the them there has been one that stands apart from the pack; one person whose actions and subsequent arrest are nothing short of well-- stupid. In fact, this has to be the dumbest arrest of the off-season to date.

That honor goes to Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison.

Sometime late last night night/early this morning he was out on the town when cops were called to handle a different matter going on at the club he was at. For some strange/odd/crazy reason, Morrison walked over to the cop car--a K9 unit--and started barking at the dog.

Which happens to be a misdemeanor.

Go ahead. Laugh, say something like "what the ****," and shake your head.

According to the arrest report, Morrison walked up the open window of the cop car and started barking at the dog. When asked about it he told officers the dog barked at him so he made a"woof woof sound." Apparently that qualifies as harassment.

There has been no word on whether he was drunk or high, but after doing something this dumb you almost hope so. If not that means this kid is really not very bright.

Gators Head Coach Will Muschamp did the only thing he could do--he suspended him. For long remains to be seen, but he has said it will likely be for at least a couple games.

Morrison is probably glad he's just getting suspended, and isn't getting this treatment from his head coach.

Than again, we don't know what's gone on behind closed doors...

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