Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot Wife, Hottest Bat in the Baseball? Life Does Not Suck for Baltimore's Chris Davis!

Life doesn't suck for Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis. At the All-Star break he has a league leading 37 home runs and his team is in the thick of the division and wild card hunts. Tack on the fact that his wife is smoking hot and yo might be able to say that Davis is one of the luckiest guys in baseball.

You can certainly say that life doesn't suck.

Not only is she gorgeous, but the former college cheerleader has no problem defending her man from all the haters on Twitter that like to accuse him of using PEDs of some sort (its called plate discipline people; he had none, but now he does).

What these people may want to realize is that she is not just good with words. She can defend in other ways as well.

Say that is not hot and you are lying!

For the most part fans are digging this guy. As proof they made the recipient of the most All-Star votes. He repaid them by taking part in the Home Run Derby. While he didn't win he still gave a pretty good performance in the first round.

There appears to be nothing, but blue skies ahead for Davis (lucky dude; not envious at all). Here's hoping he doesn't get bit by the Home Run Derby Curse!

And in case you want to see a little more of his hot wife Jill...


  1. shes hot alright.wonder what chris takes for the home runs and his wife.

  2. Chris "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth".

  3. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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