Sunday, July 28, 2013

Houston Texans Looking to Take Some Pressure of the Work Horses

They will never admit it, but Arian Foster and Andre Johnson could certainly use some help this season if the Texans are going to make the Super Bowl.

Superstars do not make the team what it is in football. Yes, they are the difference makers that turn a mediocre team into a playoff caliber one and a playoff level team a Super Bowl contender. However, without good enough players on the field with them great players become good ones watching the post season from their local taverns.

Houston has been one of those teams teetering on the edge of greatness for some time now. For years it lacked a running game than it found one, but needed a defense. When a defense was finally found the passing game became mediocre. As the passing game became less potent teams started to defend the run harder, daring Houston to beat them through the air.

Sometimes they could. Sometimes they could not.

The team appears to be trying to find that balance for the 2013 season. With key players like Brian Cushing back and Jonathan Joseph playing at full strength the defense should reassert itself this season. The team has taken care to get Arian Foster healthy and ready for the regular season.

That leaves the passing game.... read the full article follow the link to MVPTexas!

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