Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Shocking News--Hooters Waitress Lying About Getting Shirtless Photo From Robert Griffin III

Over the weekend the news--and I use that word loosely--that the newly married quarterback of the Washington Redskins was pulling a PG13 Brett Favre and sending a picture of himself topless to another woman on his wedding night.

To those of you that lost faith in the man--shame on you. To those of you that didn't, you were right to stand by Robert Griffin III.

Busted Coverage has now gotten a hold of some text messages that prove RG3 is innocent of any indiscretions, and that the whole mess was either a desperate ploy for money or a bad joke gone horribly wrong.

So it appears that this Dylan guy thinks he's funny. He might want to stay away from the DC area for awhile; I don't think the Redskins Nation. 

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