Monday, July 1, 2013

Jay-Z Raps About NFL Players Association Investigation on New Album

The album hasn't dropped yet, but thanks to a deal with Samsung Magna Carta Holy Grail is going to go platinum before the general public gets a chance to buy it. In case that hype wasn't enough to boost sales, Jay-Z released some lyrics for one of the tracks.

And it just so happens to include the investigation that the NFL Players Association is running about Jay-Z going from minority owner of a basketball team to certified sports agent.


The song is track No. 11 on the album and it is entitled La Familia:
Talk about letting art imitate life, right?

Jay-Z recently became certified as an NBA agent and we can only guess that the NFL and MLB can't be too far off. The man is a marketing genius and players know that not only can he negotiate a mean contract, but endorsement deals will not be hard to come by either.

A lot of agents and the NFLPA have had an issue with him joining forces with CAA to form Roc Nation, and while there have been claims that he is trying to circumvent the rules the real truth is these guys know they better get on their game before their high-priced clients (like Robinson Cano, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, and Geno Smith) jump ship as well.

So go ahead and hate on the man people. I'm sure he'll find a way to work it into lyrics for his next album.

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