Thursday, July 18, 2013

Josh Brent Does the Dallas Cowboys a Favor and Retires

For months there has been one question that has baffled the minds of many in and around the NFL. Why on Earth have the Dallas Cowboys continued to keep Josh Brown on the team? Well, as it turns out no one will need to ask anymore.

Josh Brent has retired from the NFL in order to focus on his off-field/legal problems.

Brent has been inactive since being arrested on charges of intoxication manslaughter stemming from the drunk driving accident that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

Word is that they did so at the request of Brown's mother who was worried that he would spiral out of control if he didn't at least have the team to hold on to. There has also been talk that the Cowboys  might have been trying to hold onto the rights of Brent in case he did not go to jail.

The team has stood by Brent in spite of mounting criticism from countless sources. When the New England Patriots cut Aaron Hernandez loose supposedly before knowing he was going to be charged with murder the heat intensified on the Cowboys to cut him loose.

So basically the team was in a tight spot because of its initial support of Brent, and really didn't have an easy way out. Hold onto him and continue to be criticized by the public and media at large or let him go and show that the team will give in under pressure.

There was only one way out for the Cowboys. Brent had to retire--and now he has.

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