Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Pressure on Vince Wilfork Now After First Day of Aaron Hernandez Jersey Exchange

Saturday was the first of two days where New England Patriots fans to exchange Aaron Hernandez jerseys for one of another player. According to reports there were as many as 100 people waiting in line by time the shop opened at 9:30, some getting there as early as 7:30 AM.

You would think that Tom Brady or Rob Grokowski would be the top two choices, right? If you thought that you would be wrong. It was a big man that was getting the most love from fans Saturday--defensive line man Vince Wilfork.

Keith Allison/Flickr
The most popular jersey during Day One of the Hernandez Exchange was that of big man Vince Wilfork! Now the proud fat man in me wants to say that it is because he is a stellar player without a serious criminal pass (at least not that I could find in a quick internet search) and he is getting the love that he deserves.

Heck, the only thing that Wilfork has done was blast former Patriot Ted Johnson after he talked smack about Wilfork's wife. Shoot--I don't know anyone for faulting the man for doing that!

However, the realist in me also realizes that the team had restrictions on what jerseys people could pick (while supplies lasted of course) and that maybe, just maybe, that influenced a few decisions.

Photo from Twitter account @TedescoHeights
It helps that the choices were a little limited, but even than--he beat out Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski? I don't know this for certain of course, but it wouldn't surprise me it was because local fans already have a Brady or Gronk jersey.

With all the love for Wilfork comes a little pressure too (at least according to one fan); not pressure to perform--pressure to stay out of trouble.

As long as no one talks smack about his wife I don't think there is anything to worry about.

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