Thursday, July 11, 2013

Los Angeles Angels Fans Finally Get a Taste of What They've Been Hoping For

The last two season the Los Angeles Angels made the biggest splash in free agency, first by snagging home run machine Albert Pujols from the St. Louis Cardinals and than by stealing slugger Josh Hamilton from their division rival (Texas Rangers)-- and it really hasn't been worth the money at all.

That it is, until Wednesday night against the lowly Chicago Cubs.

Hamilton and Pujols were supposed to make the Angels the Sultans of Swat all on their own, but instead they've had a hard time swatting at flies. Not Wednesday night though. The night started off well for Hamilton when he was able to slug a three-run homer to deep center.

The highlight didn't come till the fifth inning--back to back home runs by the dynamic duo of Hamilton and Pujols. You know Angels fans everywhere were thinking one thing--it is about damn time.

As icing on the cake the Angels got one from Mark Trumbo in the first and another by Brendan Harris in the fifth.

Want to see them all?

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