Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mark Sanchez Mistakes the Jets QB Competition for a Naked Booty Dancing One

The New York Jets have been the biggest beneficiary of the whole New England Patriots/Aaron Hernandez fiasco. Were it not for the blog-o-sphere would have found even more to make fun of about the Jets than it has in the last month.

But with the Hernandez story not having something breaking every five minuted anymore we can return to our normal Jets-bashing routine. Why? Because guys like Mark Sanchez make it way too easy.

As bad as Sanchez has played throughout his four seasons he someone still has a hold on the starting job. You would think that last season's fiasco would have been enough for the team to dump him, but with the amount of money he is guaranteed this season it was kind of hard.

The word going into training camp is that there will be a QB competition once again; not that it will be much of one with two rookies and a third-year player in Greg McElroy.

So you have a guy with lots of bad experience in Sanchez, a rookie who most think doesn't care, Phil Simms' son, and a little used former college national champion.

Yeah, not much to work with. So maybe that is why Sanchez is so confidant going in to training camp.
“When it’s a straight-up competition for the job, let’s roll,” Sanchez said. “It really doesn’t bother me at all. It really doesn’t affect my confidence or anything like that. We’re competing for something. All right, I’m going to win. That’s just how I am.”

Call me a skeptic, but what does he have to be so confidant about? Were it not for the worst contract extension in NFL history he would have been cut last season. There is no better way to describe his play than to call it a joke. 

The video has to be clear to even him, but yet he is still confidant that he is going to be the man once again.

The only thing I can think of is he either has something on Rex Ryan or he is mistaking the QB competition that is about to unfold as another chance to shake his money maker with a couple of babes.

Kudos to you Mark for being able to hook-up with a couple of babes like these two. You are fantastic at that; we've all seen the video to prove it.

However, when it comes to football--not so  much.

Sadly, Jets fans may have to suffer through another season with him behind center (anyone got odds on a ButtFumble II happening?). Smith is a questionable decision that will need to blow people away in training camp. Simms--I'll admit it; I don't know a thing about this kid.

The Jets best chance would be to go with McElroy. He has played well last preseason and didn't suck when he got his chance late in the season last year.

Yeah, it's not much to hang your hat on, but it sure beats another season with Sanchez behind center.

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