Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miami Marlins Stoop to a New Low With Promotion

There was not much hope in Miami this season for the Marlins. The ownership made it pretty clear that winning was not something that was a priority this season after just about every marketable talent besides Giancarlo Stanton was traded away.

Sure enough--the team sucks this season and fans are not real enthused about going to games. So what does the team do to try and get fans in the stands? It promotes a player from the opposition!

Yes, the Marlins are having a Gio Gonzales Night when the Washington Nationals come to town this weekend.

It might make a little sense if he had played for the franchise, but he never has. In fact, his only real tie to the area dates back to his high school days when he attended nearby Hialeah High School. So he was born in the area and grew up there--something many players could claim--but that's it.

Since it is technically Gio Gonzalez Family and Friends night you might think this is a thin promotion aimed at just his friends and family, but the franchise is not asking for proof of blood or that you've ever even met him.

So basically they are trying to sell tickets using one of the opposition's players.

Thanks to the Houston Astros they don't have the worst record in baseball (by just .004 percentage points), but when it comes to class they are definitely dead last in the league.

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