Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New York Giants in Danger of Being at a Crossroads if They Don't Sign Victor Cruz

The New York Giants are a good team. Eli Manning has proven to be a clutch quarterback, Tom Coughlin is a heck of a coach, and the defense is pretty solid. So than why are the Giants at a crossroads?

Because if they don't get Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks signed they are going to be in serious trouble.

It's just been two years since the Giants won the Super Bowl, and with the talent that they have they stand to have a chance to make it back this season. However, come next year that task could be a lot tougher. If they don't get Victor Cruz under contract now chances are good that someone will pay him what he wants and he will be gone.

Cruz is just one player though; the Giants should be just fine without him, right? Maybe not.

It's nearing contract time for Hakeem Nicks as well, and with a pair of 1000+ yard seasons to his resume he stands to be a hot commodity as well when he hits the market. Negotiations with him have been quiet, unlike with Cruz, and there are rumors that the Giants may look to pay him to be their No. 1 and let Cruz go.

But without Cruz he would be the only real weapon in the Giants passing game (since they let Martellus Bennett walk this year). While he is good he is not the kind of talent that can handle being the focal point of a defense's game plan.

However, should Cruz resign than Nicks stands to continue to succeed with defenses still gunning to shut Cruz done over him. If Cruz goes I think Nicks does as well.

If you believe everything you read on the internet--and why not since if it is on the internet it must be true--Cruz is close to signing and is expected to be in camp. That would have to mean that either the Giants folded and are going to give him the $10 million/year deal he wanted or Cruz folded and accepted $8 million.

I don't see either happening this year. The reports are likely just talk; an effort to put a little pressure on Cruz publicly.

Cruz is smart. He knows that he has to cash in while he is young and still can. There have been too many guys that didn't sign the big deal and ended up getting hurt. In case the worst case scenario happens and he can't play he wants to make sure he doesn't need to.

Without these two guys the passing game will be in serious trouble. With Ahmad Bradshaw, last season's rushing leader, now with the Colts there is no telling if they are going to have much of a running game.

So yeah, I'd say these guys are at a crossroads.

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