Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No Shortage of Confidence for Derrick Rose; Calls Himself Best Player in the NBA

Derrick Rose is back; not that it matters since the season is months away. At least we know now that when it does start he is going to back in the mix again. That of course makes him a prime target for reporters looking for a sweet interview and a good soundbite.

Which  he was more than happy to provide recently when he was asked who he thought the best player in the NBA is.

Keith Allison/Flickr
He said himself of course.

In a way, you can't blame him. He is the only other person in the last five years to win not named LeBron James. He was the youngest player to win the MVP a couple seasons ago; it took LeBron a few years to do that.

But-he hasn't played in a year. He hasn't led a team to the Finals.

Can you fault him for being confident in himself and his talents? Absolutely not, but if he flops at any point in the season you better believe the media in Miami is going to dig this clip back up.

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