Saturday, July 6, 2013

No Sophomore Slump for Washington Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris

When Alfred Morris took over the running back duties for the Washington Redskins last season the response around the league and with fans was pretty much the same.

Who? As a sixth round draft pick out of Florida Atlantic there were few that had any idea who the rookie was. That sure changed by time the season was over, and if you listen to him this season is going to be even better than the last.

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After rushing for 1613 yards--second highest in the league--and 13 touchdowns last season he is perfectly set up for a sophomore slump. With a season like that to compare to he is going to be hard pressed for a comparable encore.

But he isn't worried about living up to the standard he set last season. In fact, Morris is pretty confident that he is going to be even better now that he isn't a "lost puppy" anymore:
"Last year, I was going in there like a lost little puppy. This year ... I'm a lot more confident and more comfortable."
With the kind of season he had it would be easy to see why he might become a little complacent or relaxed. Yes, the league is aware of him now, but that doesn't mean it will be able to stop him. After a 200-yard, three touchdown performance in the regular season finale against Dallas last season he certainly doesn't have anything to prove.

Or does he?
“I never look at it as I have to prove anything to anybody, because I’ve been an underdog my whole life,” he said. “I know people underestimate me, and I’m OK with it. I don’t have to prove anything to you. I’m just going out there and doing what I know I can do.
If he does anything even remotely close to what he was to do last season the Redskins will absolutely be a team that the rest of the NFL is going to need to keep an eye on.

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